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Event Seminar: Edward Stabler
Copying in mildly context sensitive grammar
Event Seminar: Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Distributed Tree Kernels and Distributional Semantics: between Syntactic Structures and Compositional Distributional Semantics
Event Seminar: Stefan Riezler
Theoretical and Practical Grounding in Empirical Computational Linguistics
Event Pre-viva talk: Michael Auli
Title: Integrated Supertagging and Parsing
Event Seminar: Nick Chater
Virtual bargaining: A micro-foundation for social interaction and communication
Event Seminar: Reut Tsarfaty
Semantic Parsing Using Content and Context: A Case Study From Requirements Elicitation
Event Seminar: Jey Han Lau
A probabilistic approach to grammaticality
Event Seminar: Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà
Advances in the Integration of Morphology, Syntax and Semantics in Statistical Machine Translation
Event Seminars: Anders Søgaard
Next generation cross-lingual natural language processing
Event Seminar: André Martins
AD3: A New Decoder for Structured Prediction
Event Seminar: Oscar Täckström
Efficient Constrained Inference and Structured Neural Networks for Semantic Role Labeling
Event Seminar: Tatsuya Kawahara
Automatic transcription system for the Japanese Parliament (Diet)
Event Seminar: Ondrej Bojar
Deep and Phrase-Based MT into Czech
Event Seminar: Marc Ernst
From Multisensory Perception to Sensorimotor Behaviour: A Probabilistic Approach
Event Seminar: Henry Thompson
Has REST outlived its usefulness?
Event Seminar: Marine Carpuat
Context models for meaning-preserving machine translation
Event Seminar: Mike Frank
Learning words from other people
Event Seminar: Ken McRae
The Organization and Structure of Concepts in Semantic Memory
Event Seminar: Micha Elsner
Generalizing Local Coherence Modeling.
Event Seminar: Brendan O'Connor
Are Minority Dialects "Noisy Text"?: Implications of Social and Linguistic Diversity for Social Media NLP
Event Seminar: Sebastian Riedel
Relation Extraction with Matrix Factorization and Universal Schemas
Event Seminar: Ruslan Salakhutidnov
Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models (Technical Talk)
Event Seminar: Laura Rimell
Multi-way Tensor Factorization for the Unsupervised Induction of Subcategorization Frames.
Event Seminar: Blaise Thomson
Expectation propagation for modelling user behaviour in spoken dialogues.
Event Seminar: Kathy McCoy
SceneTalker: A Research-Driven, Utterance-Based System Design for AAC.
Event Seminar: Ekaterina Shutova
Statistical modelling of metaphor
Event Seminars: Kyunghyun Cho
Neural machine translation -- Progress Report
Event Seminars: Mike Lewis
Global Neural CCG Parsing with Optimality Guarantees
Event Seminar: Michael Strube
Issues I Don't Understand about Coreference and Coherence
Event Seminar: Jan Hajac
Abstract Meaning Representation: comparing languages and their representations